Did you know that the global construction industry is expected to grow to $12.7 trillion by the year 2022? After the slump over the past decade, the industry has gone from strength to strength over the past few years.

Whether you attended our International Construction Week 2018 or not, you’re going to want to check out what we have in store for you at this year’s event.

Do you want an insight into some of the greatest success stories among the top construction companies in 2019?

Here are the top five big players that you need to know about now. Let’s go!


The French company VINCI is the largest construction company in the world. The company’s revenue for 2017 was more than $44 billion. And VINCI employs more than 185,000 staff.

Although the HQ is the Paris, this giant of the construction industry operates on a global scale.

The construction projects already underway span nearly twenty countries and include the following:

  • Renovations of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in London’s Knightsbridge
  • The Femern Bridge to connect Denmark and Germany
  • The Grand Paris Express to “bring Paris into the 21st Century

You can expect VINCI to continue to be one of the top construction companies to watch in the years ahead.

2. Bechtel

Bechtel is the largest construction company in the U.S. and one of the biggest globally. They employ more than 50,000 people and reported revenue of $25.9 billion for 2017.

Many of Bechtel’s projects are based in the U.S., such as the Carrol County Energy Facility in Ohio and the Corpus Christi Liquefaction Project in Texas.

However, they have also built a reputation abroad. This is especially the case in London where they are working on the London City Airport and the Crossrail project.

3. Skanska

The Swedish firm, known as Skanska, also works under a number of other names around the world, such as brand name Bayside.

The construction company has annual revenue of $18 billion and employees more than 40,000 people worldwide.

They have developed a reputation as a leader in green and sustainable construction recently, especially with the project of the LEED-certified platinum interior on the Empire State Building in New York City.

4. PowerChina

China has numerous mega companies, and the state-owned PowerChina can compete at the very top in China and the rest of the world.

The company mostly operates in Asia and Africa. The company has a revenue of approximately $45 billion and has more than 135,000 employees.

They recently announced that PowerChina has been awarded the contract to construct the mega-shipyard of the International Complex to be built in Saudi Arabia.

5. TechnipFMC

The UK-based company TechnipFMC has formed out of the merger of a French and U.S. company a few years ago, which made it one of the biggest construction companies in the world.

The company reports annual revenue of $13 billion and employs 37,000 people around the world. Most remarkably, the company operates in over 48 countries.

Projects run by the firm include the Coral South FLNG Project in Mozambique and the Sankofa Field Development in Ghana.

Top Construction Companies

Our 5 top construction companies are just some of the big players you’ll hear about at the International Construction Week 2019.

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