The job outlook for the construction and extraction industry is set to grow by 12% through 2026. That’s a faster an average rate and a growth of 180,500 jobs.

Interested in a career in construction? Construction careers have plenty of room to grow.

What’s more, you don’t even need a college degree for most construction jobs. You’ll usually need training depending on the position.

Want to learn more? Here are 5 top-paying construction careers to consider. 

1. Elevator Worker

Elevators are a complex piece of machinery that need skilled workers to service them. 

Elevator workers are one of the highest paid people in the construction industry. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median pay for elevator installers and repairers is $79,480 annually. That’s more than $38 an hour. 

An elevator mechanic will install elevators. They’ll also service and fix elevators and other lifts such as moving walkways or escalators.

To become an elevator mechanic, you’ll need to undergo an apprenticeship. Also, in 35 states you’ll need to have a license.

2. Construction Manager

Looking for a job that has room for growth and opportunity? Another high paying career is a construction manager. The average pay for this job is $77,849 a year

This role manages and oversees construction projects. Construction managers will also oversee contractors and other workers.

In this position, you’ll have to plan out a project and manage it to the end. You’ll also have to find solutions for any issues that arise. 

A construction manager may have their own office, but they’ll also be out on the job site a lot and may also have to travel. They’ll work with other roles such as engineers and building developers to plan out projects.

3. Plumber

A career in plumbing can make about $50,000 a year. Most states require a license to become a plumber. You’ll also have to complete an apprenticeship or attend vocational school. 

Plumbers diagnose and fix pipe and sewer problems. They also install new piping among other jobs.

4. Electrician

An electrician makes $54,110 a year. Electricians have stable, dependable jobs with a growth of 59,600 positions by 2026.

Most states need electricians to have a license. Electrician workers will install and service electrical wiring in all types of buildings. 

For this career, you may have to attend vocational school or do an apprenticeship.

You’ll also have to maintain the highest safety standards because of the dangers of working with electrical currents.  

5. Ironworker

An ironworker has an average salary of $51,780 a year. Ironworkers install reinforcement beams in buildings. These beams may be made out of iron or steel. 

Most ironworkers train through an apprenticeship. During the apprenticeship, they’ll learn to weld together iron or steel. They’ll also learn how to read blueprints and how to use the tools they’ll need. 

Benefits of Construction Careers

The 5 jobs above are just some of the careers you can have in construction. All of these jobs have a positive growth outlook in the future and can give you a stable career. 

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