Watch the video round-up of the International Construction Transformation Conference (ICTC) 2018 – a new segment launched during the previous ICW 2018.

Organised by CIDB, the theme for year 2018 was ‘Achieving Peak Productivity through Technology and Innovation’.

ICTC 2018 has featured many world-class speakers in the areas of technology and productivity, including keynote speakers Rajat Agarwal, Associate Partner and Co-Leader of McKinsey Capital Productivity Southeast Asia; Jacky Wang, General Manager Broad Intelligent Manufacture Building Group Co. Ltd and Richard Kuppusamy, Regional Digital Integration Manager of Lendlease Asia.

This year, CIDB will bring the conference back in conjunction with ICW 2019. Themed “Construction Beyond 2020”, ICTC 2019 will again presents world renowned speakers who will share success stories and discuss the innovative design approaches and advancements in big data analytics, the construction industry need to re-look, re-think and re-strategise the way we build, beyond 2020.

Register your seat at ICTC 2019 through the website. Only RM500 per pax. CCD & CPD applied.

International Construction Transformation Conference